Real-world examples

Craig Bowman

Before: CEO is only 44 years old but feeling burnt-out. He was so frustrated he was prepared to sell the business for only two-times earnings.

After: Business earning seven-figures each year which he is investing in his new real estate venture.  CEO is nearly Half-Retired.

Craig Bowman President, Construction Company
Mike King

I thought I would just shut down the business when I didn’t want to work anymore. By keeping my income in Half-Retirement, I can travel and enjoy my golden years.

Mike King President, Manufacturer & Importer
Reginald Jones

Before: Heavy work-related travel and sixty-hour weeks

After: Spends most of the winter relaxing in Florida with the occasional check-in with the office.

Reginald Jones Owner, GIS software firm
Sheryl Winter

The time we’ve invested in this program has been ground-breaking for me AND my team.

Sheryl Winter CEO, Distributor
John Green

Before: Trying to manage three locations and one-hundred people was taking its toll but the client still loved the business. He did not want to sell, but did want to maintain his income with less stress.

After: Half-Retired at 55.

John Green President, Awning Fabricator
Jerry Stein

Before: Sixty-seven year-old CEO still loves the job but can’t afford to sell the business for what it is worth. His now-retired wife wants to travel and have fun; now what?

After: He is traveling five times a year, keeping his wife happy, and nearly Half-Retired.

Jerry Stein CEO, Household products

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