Half-Retire Synonyms

by | Nov 19, 2017

Many business owners have asked us if there is a “correct” term for Half-Retired. We prefer “Half-Retired,” but the purpose of Half-Retirement is not the verbiage, it is the changes to the business owner’s lifestyle which matter.

Half-Retirement is a state of mind and a creative method to run a business. We thought you might enjoy a small list of alternative phrases we have heard instead of Half-Retired.


  • Half Retire
  • Half Retirement
  • Half Retired
  • Half Retiring
  • Half-Retirement
  • Half-Retired
  • Half-Retiring
  • Partially Retired
  • Semi-Retired
  • Semi Retired
  • Partly Retired
  • Somewhat Retired
  • Moderately Retired
  • Goofing off but getting paid
  • Professional traveller
  • Professional fisherman
  • Annoyance to my staff


Discover how Half-Retirement is Not Without Sacrifice.

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