Success Stories

Craig Bowman

President, Construction Company

Before: CEO is only 44 years old but feeling burnt out. He was so frustrated he was prepared to sell the business for only two times earnings.

After: Business earning seven-figures each year which he is investing in his new real estate venture. CEO is nearly Half-Retired.

Mike King

President, Manufacturer & Importer

I thought I would just shut down the business when I didn’t want to work anymore. By keeping my income in Half-Retirement, I can travel and enjoy my golden years.

Reginald Jones

Owner, GIS software firm

Before: Heavy work-related travel and sixty-hour weeks

After: Spends most of the winter relaxing in Florida with the occasional check-in with the office.

Sheryl Winter

CEO, Distributor

The time we’ve invested in this program has been groundbreaking for me AND my team.

John Green

President, Awning Fabricator

Before: Trying to manage three locations and one hundred people was taking its toll but the client still loved the business. He did not want to sell but did want to maintain his income with less stress.

After: Half-Retired at 55.

Jerry Stein

CEO, Household products

Before: 67 year-old CEO still loves the job but can’t afford to sell the business for what it is worth. His now-retired wife wants to travel and have fun; now what?

After: He is traveling five times a year, keeping his wife happy, and nearly Half-Retired.

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