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Member Success Stories:
"My husband retired two years ago, and I promised him I would retire shortly afterward. It’s been two years, and I’m no closer to retirement than I thought. 

The problem is, I don't want to sell my business because I still enjoy the work I do at my firm… just not so much of it.

After implementing the Half-Retire model I have been able to work fewer hours while keeping things moving. I just got back from two solid weeks at our lake cabin and feel great." - Jeri S.Marketing firm 
Member Success Stories:
Meet Rex. He's pushing 70 now but enjoying his business more than ever. Rex spends about four months a year working from his warm weather "office." He works 5-6 hours four days a week because he wants to, not because he has to.  

His business is more profitable than ever and running smoothly. He just returned from two weeks in Italy with his wife and friends. Life is good.

It wasn't always like that though. Just a few years ago, Rex was working 6-7 long days every week. His wife traveled without him. He rarely saw his grandkids. The business was profitable, but it seemed out of control. Rex committed to following the Half-Retire Program. 

By stealing a few hours here and there from the "day-to-day," he was able to make fundamental changes to his business model, sales model, operational systems, and approach to personnel by following the Half-Retire Program.
Member Success Stories:
Mike is in the Half-Retire Hall-of-Fame. Mike spent twenty years of hard work building the largest courier company in the state. He lived 200 miles away from his family for a year and a half while launching the business. Growing the business took a physical and mental toll on Mike.

The courier business is 24/7/365, so it’s hard to shut out the noise and stress. However, the financial rewards were many, so Mike kept plugging away.

After a health scare, Mike decided something had to change, and he put Half-Retirement in motion. Mike did it right. He rethought every aspect of the business and his role in those areas. It took time, energy, and a new way of thinking, but Mike has not been in the building for over three years. 

Yes, you are reading that right. He has not set foot in the building for three years.Mike shared a concern with me that will make you chuckle. He said, “I have some ideas and would like to go back to work a bit, but I am afraid. What if some of the team doesn’t know who I am?”

We should all be working to have this problem.

Mike’s significant equity income from the business allows him a house in the woods, bucket list golf travel to the best courses in the world, a hunting club membership, and a carefree life. Way to go Mike!
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