A mindset shift to speed your Half-Retirement

by | Sep 13, 2018

It’s amazing how much the proper mindsets can speed Half-Retirement and the wrong ones can slow it down or completely derail it. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of Half-Retirement, you have to remap old mindsets to new ones.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Transcription of video

Looking for a simple trick to Half-Retire faster? Start giving yourself two paychecks. Most CEOs get a monthly check for working in the business and another for their equity.

If you are like most business owners, you’re probably overpaying one or the other. If I own stock in Apple or another public company, I get paid a dividend just for my equity. I don’t need to show up at Apple’s door ready to work. You should do the same at your company.

Pay yourself two checks. One check for the work that you do and one for your equity return from your investment in the company. If you don’t do this, it creates misalignment.

Your current system rewards you for working harder, which flies in the face of Half-Retirement. This is because you are on salary. All those extra hours you put in are zero expense to the company. That slows your Half-Retirement.


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