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Jim Muehlhausen has traveled the country collecting the best and worst practices from business owners. His first book, The 51 Fatal Business Errors provides a quick and easy format to learn from other business owners’ successes and failures.

Each error contains a real-life example and definitive action steps needed to improve common areas of weakness in small businesses. The dangerous (but common) mistakes described are outlined in four categories: myth busters, improving your personal effectiveness,” using best practices,” and Mule-kicks – Muehlhausen’s bluntly honest tips that realign the way small business owners typically think. Readers are able to use it to energize themselves about the boundless possibilities of their businesses while giving them practical steps to move forward to the next level.

Jim’s most recent book, Half-Retire: Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress helps business owners navigate the complexities of business exit. By turning the business from a source of stress to a source of stable, permanent income, Half-Retirees can create a new, more profitable path to their exit.

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