A simple step to start Half-Retirement

by | Sep 3, 2018

Many people ask us, “How do I begin to Half-Retire®? One of the simplest first step you can take is to  tell a friend or loved one. We call this a “positive trap.”Start Half-Retirement

A positive trap is a cause set in motion by you. It’s hard for anyone to change, so creating dynamics that will help you make meaningful changes is a great way to improve the odds you will successfully Half-Retire.

Here is your to-do for the day. Before you end your day, sit down with a loved one and tell them you want to Half-Retire by a certain date. That’s it. You are creating a positive dynamic to enlist the help and support of the loved one. Doing this will greatly increase your odds of Half-Retiring.

Will you commit to taking this step today?

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