How to motivate your team when out of the office

by | Jul 19, 2018

Your team is the life-blood of your business, so if you’re planning on spending a little more time out and about than usual then it would be wise to spare a thought about how they feel about that.

Teams that are left to their own devices for too long can become lazy, demotivated and even a little disruptive. It’s human nature to take your time a little more when the boss is out, but there is a time where this starts to become detrimental toward business activities.

This is why we need to put measures in place to ensure that your team stay motivated and are doing exactly what they should be.



Here are five tactics that you can implement to help you to achieve better motivation for your staff if you intend on spending more time out of the office:

1) Performance Incentives

A great way to ensure that your team is on track is to set key performance indicators (KPI’s) for their work. This will make sure that progress can be measured and that any shortcomings can be identified before they start to cause issues.

Rewarding staff for hitting their target is a must if you are going to use this tactic. Doing this will ensure that your team will feel more recognized for their efforts and appreciated without you having to be around to say thank you as they will be reaping the reward of a hard day’s work and job well done with either a motivating little bonus or prize!

2) Designated Business Wardens

Another fantastic way to ensure that your team stays motivated is to allocate business guardians that are responsible for making sure a certain area of the business runs smoothly when you are not around.

This person should be skilled enough and know your business well so that they can become a point of reference for any questions or issues that arise in your absence – leaving you to enjoy your leisure time without being disturbed!

Mini promotions such as this can motivate staff because they feel more of a sense of ownership over your business and see it as a reflection on them if things don’t quite go to plan, meaning they will go the extra mile to rectify or avoid problems. It may be a good idea to give additional perks to those who undergo this extra responsibility, just so they feel appreciated for their efforts.

3) FaceTime and Conference Calls

Just because you’re not going to be in the office all of the time, doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved in its activities.

Modern technology has paved the way for us to communicate in a range of different methods – one of the most personal and interactive being FaceTime or conference calling.

This method of communication allows you to grasp a real-world view of what is happening whilst you are away. You will also be able to read the body language of your team and discuss activities more thoroughly.

In addition to this, using a more personal form of communication will make you seem more accessible to your team, leaving them feeling confident enough to ask you questions or inform you about issues that only you can deal with.

4) Have Treats Delivered!

Have you ever witnessed a woman in the office receive a bunch of flowers and watched as the other team members within the office circle around her in pure envy?

There will be no need for jealousy at all if everyone gets a piece of the pie!

Sending some well-timed office treats such as cakes, doughnuts or sweets to your office, love from the boss, can be a fantastic motivator. It shows your team that you think about them when you’re not there and that you also appreciate everything that they do for you.

Do this and your team will feel cared for, motivated and maybe even determined to make you proud!

5) Dropping into the Office Unannounced

If you’re very aware that your staff can sometimes be a little too laxy-daisy when you’re not in the immediate vicinity, then a surprise office drop-in could be the ticket to keeping them working and on the edge of their seat.

Watch the shock on everyone’s face as they flap to get organized and revel in the thought that they will think twice the next time they decide to have an unannounced easy day. If you do this a couple of times, your team will react and become more attentive the entire time because they never know when you will be poking your head around the corner next… It’s sneaky, but effective!

There are our top tips for keeping staff motivated whilst you’re out of the office! Use them wisely and you will soon see your office running just as effectively in your absence.

If you’re a business owner who is trying to reclaim more private time for yourself, then you can discover a range of handy tips and tricks by getting in touch with us. We have a range of useful information and resources for you to take advantage of, simply speak to a member of the team today to get started!

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