Six Ways Business Owners are Enjoying Half-Retirement

by | Mar 22, 2019

Done right, Half-Retirement can be equally-enjoyable as full retirement. Here are some of the ways we have seen business owners make the most of Half-Retirement:


  1. Staying mentally sharp. Studies show that the average American watches 40% more television once they retire. Keeping active in the business allows the mental muscles to keep flexing.
  2. We see many business owners working an hour or two from the beach house then spending the rest of the day golfing, swimming, sightseeing, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing.
  3. Giving back. Have you always wanted to share your good fortune with others? Some business owners are building shelters in third-world countries, volunteering their talents, adopting a child, and more.
  4. Spending more time with family. Most business owners will admit to spending less time with family than they would like during the growth phase of their business. Half-Retirement allows then to enjoy the spoils of that hard work and spend ample time with family.
  5. Pursuing avocation(s). Have you always wanted to paint, travel, or write a book? You don’t need to fully-retire to do it.
  6. Let’s face it, relaxing means something different to a business owner than to most other folks. Half-Retirement offers the most important relaxation a business owner needs – removal of business stress. Without the day-to-day stress of business, you are free to truly relax!
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