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Option #1: Half-Retire: How business owners can improve their mental health

Key Points: 

As business owners age, the daily stress of business ownership can become too much.

The physical and mental grind can be exhausting.

However, many cannot afford to lose the income from the business, so what do they do? Keep grinding away?

Half-Retirement allows business owners to enjoy the benefits of retirement while keeping their business income.

Option #2: Half-Retire: A new kind of retirement for business owners

Key Points: 

There’s a saying, “Business owners don’t sell for money, they sell because they are frustrated.” They want to start enjoying life more, but they can’t figure out how to “escape” their business.

Many times, the lump sum of cash they receive from the business is far less than desired, and they have to curb their lifestyle. That’s not fair after so many years of hard work.

There’s a new exit strategy many business owners are using to keep their business income, but end the daily grind, Half-Retirement.

Half-Retired business owners work as little as two half-days a week but keep their income.

Shifting the way you think about your business, aka your mindsets, can free you from the day-to-day grind.

Jeri’s story. She remapped her mindsets and Half-Retired in six weeks.

Option #3: Half-Retire: Enjoying your business more as you get older

Key Points: 

As we get older, keeping up the same pace gets tougher. However, sometimes our business doesn’t get that message. The demands keep increasing, despite our desire to cut back.

Life’s too short to grind away at work, but over years and years of business ownership, many business owners have drifted into doing dozens of tasks they dislike. It’s a hairball of intertwined work that seems impossible to delegate.

Hairballs are impossible to delegate, so to enjoy retirement, you can’t delegate the hairball. You have to untangle it.

You don’t need to succumb to the never-ending demands of the business. Half-Retired business owners enjoy the best of retirement while keeping the financial and social perks of business ownership.

Option #4: Half-Retire: You don’t need to sell your business to retire

Key Points: 

Business owners often don’t sell their business for financial reasons, but to stop the daily grind.

There are two important aspects to a successful retirement. First, getting your time back so you can enjoy life more.

Second, having a secure financial future, so you don’t need to worry about running out of money.

Your business income stream is probably much more valuable than a lump-sum payment (see the 44% Rule) and provides the secure financial future you need, but it can absorb all your time.

If there was a way to end the daily demands of your business, would you sell it?

Business ownership provides social connection, status, stable income, and perks you will miss if you sell.

Half-Retirement offers the financial benefits of business ownership combined with more time to enjoy life.

Option #5: Half-Retire: Selling your business may not be the best way to retire

Key Points: 

Everyone is looking forward to the stress-free relaxation that is retirement.

However, the biggest concern of retirees is not having enough money to fully-enjoy retirement.

Fortunately, business owners have an option to keep their income stream flowing while enjoying the relaxation and fun that goes with retirement. It’s called Half-Retired. Owners can cut their workload to as little as two half-days a week while retaining their income.

Here’s how it’s done.

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