Delegation won’t help you Half-Retire

by | Jan 3, 2023

Half-Retiremnt allows business owners to ditch the work they don’t enjoy, cut their workload dramatically, and keep their income.

Inevitably, the first place business owner’s minds go when trying to plot their course toward Half-Retirement is, “Ah ha, I need to delegate more.”

Delegation is a red herring, a mirage, in the Half-Retire world. It sounds great conceptually, but in reality, if you could have delegated your work, you would have already, right?

If you haven’t delegated the work you dislike, it’s for a reason; it cannot be delegated.  Watch the video for one business owner’s ah-ha moment regarding delegation.



There are plenty of reasons why delegating the owner’s work is so tricky.

  • Delegation costs money. You have to pay someone to do the work you delegate. Many times the cost of the delegee gives business owners pause.
  • Done wrong, delegation can slow the organization down and drain profits. We’ve all had it happen, you delegate some work, and it makes the situation worse, not better. You lose time training and supporting the delegee only to have substandard work output.
  • Done wrong, delegation can destroy your Half-Retirement. I’ve seen business owners jump headlong into delegating their entire workload and calling it Half-Retired, only to be pulled back into the business six months later when the business is near death. We ban the word delegation in the Half-Retire world for a reason – it’s dangerous thinking. Most business owners lack the team talent, time, patience, and money to make traditional delegation work. There’s a better way to become Half-Retired than delegation.
  • Delegation can turn into “throwing a body at it.” It goes something like this, a. I have work I don’t want to do anymore, b. I will hire someone to do it for me. The new person/delegee lacks your experience, skill, positional power, and more. Throwing a body at your work won’t solve anything other than frustrating you and draining your wallet.


If delegation isn’t the answer, then what is? To radically cut owner’s workloads, we use a multi-pronged approach that is counterintuitive vs. traditional delegation. We’ve seen business owners take a 20-hour-a-month task down to one hour. We’ve seen Half-Retirees reduce business travel from 80% of their time to 20%. We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of business owners cut out the work they don’t like…just not by delegating.

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