The Financial Impact of Half-Retirement

by | Apr 7, 2021

If you are contemplating selling your business, we recommend you download the spreadsheet below to explore holding the business as an income-producing asset.

Keep in mind that business ownership and equity and your job as CEO of the business are two roles, not one. We  can all separate our role as stockholders  in a public company from our work, but it’s trickier when we own the business  in its entirety.

No Google stockholder shows up in Mountain View asking what work needs to be done. We simply evaluate the financial investment solely as a financial investment. Let’s do the same for your investment in your business.

The spreadsheet below runs a variety of exit scenarios for a business. In particular, it will contrast a hard exit or sale with Half-Retirement. Half-Retirement is when the business owner works two half (no hyphen)days a week to  retain their wisdom within the business but spends significant time enjoying retirement.

Download the spreadsheet





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