How to find your Picasso work

by | Jun 6, 2018

Every business owner can feel like they are the heart of their company. This can sometimes bring a great degree of stress when thinking about taking a step back into Half-Retirement because you may be unable to see how your business could possibly function without you.

This is where identifying your Picasso work becomes useful.


What is Picasso work?

Your Picasso work consists of the tasks within your business that aren’t possible without you. They are what makes you special as a core individual within your business and the extra sparkle that you bring to the equation.

To provide a couple of examples, your Picasso work could consist of any of the following:

  • Industry knowledge and trends
  • Tools that only you know how to use
  • Relationships that you have nurtured throughout your entire business career
  • Key financial decisions
  • Decision making and strategy

Your Picasso work could include the above or be something entirely different, this is always unique to each individual business owner.

What is the purpose of identifying your Picasso work?

When you have outlined the tasks where you are an essential part of running your business, you will quickly reveal what it is that you need to cover in order to start thinking about withdrawal into retirement.

Giving this some consideration and planning for it will help you to protect your staff as well as your business interests. After all, what will the people that are always bombarding you with questions do when you’re no longer around to answer them?

As a business owner, it’s not in your nature to leave a load of loose ends and create a situation where you’re leaving your staff without the facilities that they need to do their jobs and keep your company going.

So prepare for this well in advance and avoid leaving anyone in the dark.

How to identify your Picasso work

Many of the useful things that you will gather from our half retirement course are the methods in which you can approach your half retirement.

When identifying your Picasso work, business owners can sometimes get confused as to what they think it is and what it actually is. So, we recommend that you start logging the tasks that you do by keeping a time log of your day, week or month.

By doing this, you will have a black and white record of the task that you are finding yourself taking control of during business hours. From this list you will also be able to put some thought into why it is YOU that is handling these tasks and begin thinking of ways to disband your control of them in order to create a self-sufficient process that doesn’t (or doesn’t often) require your interference.

Learning more about Picasso work and other handy retirement tools

We appreciate that you have worked hard to be where you are today, however when it comes to retirement, it’s all about how to remove you from a situation without ruining what you have worked so hard to achieve.

We have a range of useful methods that can help you do just that whilst minimizing the risk of turning your business upside down.

Don’t start the process without getting informed first. Get help and make your transition into retirement easier for all.

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