Why business owners should depend on systems, not people

by | Feb 16, 2019

Protecting your business and its people

Your business is what you’ve been working towards for your entire life. It is your passion, your pride and the fruit of your labor.

When you embark upon an entrepreneurial journey such as this, you form strong bonds with your key employees. They are like-minded people who nurture your vision as if it was their own.

These bonds are priceless and, whilst you should always look out for the people that helped you get to where you are, you also need to ensure that, when you want to take a step towards retirement, you have something in place to cushion the business and protect everyone’s interests.


Why depend on systems instead of people?

Quite simply, if you allow a certain individual within your business to be the only resource for a certain role, department, or task and there is nothing in place to help their successor or replace them, you can quickly see problems arise.

Putting a system in place helps with the fractionalization of key personnel workload, helping you to break down larger projects into bite-sized chunks that can be reallocated or redistributed throughout the rest of the workforce if necessary.

This will protect your business from falling short in certain departments when a key member of staff chooses to leave your business, take a long period of time off or even when you are planning your retirement and choosing to step away from your workload gradually.

How putting systems in place will help you to retire and maintain your business interests

As previously mentioned, putting a system in place can be a great contingency measure for your business practices and your people. Retirement is a key stage in life when you will be faced with these issues. This is not a bad thing, it only means that you are starting to make a move toward enjoying what you have worked so hard to achieve.

When you begin to use systems for your own work that will help to guide others, you can rub your hands together and start to get rid of those tasks you hate. Then you can focus on what you really love about your business, why you chose to do what you have in the first place, and that extra bit of sparkle that you add to the business culture – After all, it is your love child!

Stepping away from some business responsibilities and towards retirement in this way will help you to enjoy your free time even more because you’ll be confident that everything will be taken care of if you choose to take that extra trip you’ve been delaying or want to spend some time with the family.

You can learn about this and more using our well-informed course materials that include assistance on successful Half-Retirement™ planning, financial planning, business restructuring and so much more. Enjoy yourself with the confidence that you have everything under control and can sell your business for the maximum return if you choose to.


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