Waiting for “C”

by | Dec 7, 2021

I’ll be honest; frustration tends to set in when I see business owners hesitate to take the obvious course of action at the time it becomes obvious. It makes me pause and ask, “Why are some successful and savvy business owners so indecisive?”There is no option C

The answer is most situations offer two primary options to choose from, and in almost every case, the two options are imperfect. The business owner may see each option’s imperfections, and as a result, they avoid picking either option, because they are flawed.

These owners become one of those who hold out, hoping for a better option that just doesn’t exist. I term this “holding out for Option C.” Option C combines the best parts of the two primary options but lacks the flaws. Why wouldn’t someone want to hold out for such a great option?

The problem is that while waiting for C to materialize, you are guilty of inaction. Tom Peters always said, “Ready, fire, aim.” The word sequence tells us no initiative will begin without flaws. When you hold out for Option C, you are falling prey to innate human psychology and subconsciously being indecisive.



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