Why Selling a Business is a Million-Dollar Aspirin

busy bee

Running a business can be stressful because the typical CEO is involved in dozens of business systems. It’s a lot like spinning fifty plates. Sometimes the business owner’s involvement is significant, and that plate must be spun every day if not, it falls and breaks. Sometimes, the plate only needs to be spun once a…

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A mindset shift to speed your Half-Retirement

Half-Retire Mindsets

It’s amazing how much the proper mindsets can speed Half-Retirement and the wrong ones can slow it down or completely derail it. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of Half-Retirement, you have to remap old mindsets to new ones. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.      Transcription of…

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Half-Retire Impediment – Too much DIY

DIY toolkit

I recently saw a question posted on Quora which asked, “What is a sign that someone is not going to be successful in business?”  The answer to which is similar to the question, “What is a sign that someone is not going to be successful in Half-Retirement?” I have worked with thousands of business owners,…

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Common Misconceptions about Half-Retirement™


Half-Retirement™ is an alternative monetization technique vs. selling a business. The concept is simple. Instead of completely washing your hands of the business, the owner radically decreases their workload to two, half-days a week but keeps the income stream. If you run the economics of holding onto the business vs. selling it, – there is…

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The Four Types of Half-Retirers™

Half-Retirement™ can be a life-changing financial decision for a business owner, but you can blow it. We have seen perfect candidates lose many of the potential benefits of Half-Retirement™. There tend to be four types of business owners who pursue Half-Retirement™: The Dreamer This person runs the math and loves the concept of Half-Retirement™. However,…

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Working Less vs. Half-Retired™

As you contemplate your exit strategy, consider the differences between “working less” and Half-Retirement™.  Business owners work too hard and should definitely work less. However, when business owners pull back their efforts without a plan, they can experience disastrous results. We have created the table below comparing Working Less vs. Half-Retired™.   We see several…

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Phases of Half-Retirement

I wish I could tell you that Half-Retirement was as simple as flipping a switch…poof, you are Half-Retired. However, Half-Retirement is more of a journey than a decision. We observe many business owners begin down the path towards Half-Retirement and have seen that there are definitely some “phases” along this path. Here are the phases…

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